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eHealth Training for Chinese Medicine Practitioners


On 23 March 2009, as part of the 2008/09 Sector-Specific IT Training Programme (SSP) for Chinese Medicine Practitioners (CMP), the Internet Professional Association (iProA) has been awarded by OGCIO a project to organize a series of eHealth Training Programs for CMPs. To ensure the successful the implementation of this project, iProA has sought the support of eHealth Consortium Limited (eHCL), in areas of project management, program coordination and etc.


In view of the training needs of the CMPs, it was proposed that a series of training lectures/hands-on workshops to be conducted for them so that they could save work and space in keeping patients' health record, feel easy in finding out patients' past health history, comprehend the importance of eHealth, see its current applications in various areas, understand how IT could assist them in their daily work, think about potential application areas; and assist to drive eHealth's further implementation.

As many traditional CMPs are illiterate to IT, a Basic Level of Training Program will be designed to help them know the basic IT terminologies and operation first. It would also be shown as how IT could be linked to and bring benefit to their daily tasks. For those who have already owned some IT knowledge, another Advanced Level of Training Program would be offered to help them understand the eHealth concept, its current usage and the world wide application/development trend in coming future so that they will be more ready in implementing and driving the Territory Wide eHealth Record Sharing System (TWeHRSS)

By launching these training programs, it can be expected to help the SME CMPs by:

1.     Uplifting their IT capability and improving their operation efficiency and business sustainability

2.     Enhancing their competitiveness in facing the future trend of applying IT and eHealth Record, and,

3.     Raising their service quality

Target Participants

The training program aims at training up existing CMPs so that they would have a basic IT knowledge (through the Basic Level of Training Program), and broader view and more in-depth idea about eHealth, understand its necessity and benefits (through the Advanced Level of Training Program), and become pioneers/leaders to help driving its implementation in the specific sector of CMP. The target is to train up 300 practitioners in the Basic Level, and 150 in the Advanced Level, i.e., total 450 trainees.  If the response/result is good, similar training can be arranged subsequently without significant program development effort.

eHealth Training for Chinese Medicine Practitioners