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Validation Platform Project for eHealth Data Standard Conformity -

Questionnaire on Readiness for Electronic Health Records (eHR) Sharing

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Survey Result Press Mentions:

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Takungpao (A08) 2010-07-07
Singpao (A10) 2010-07-07
Mingpao (A12) 2010-07-07
Hong Kong Daily News (A06) 2010-07-07
Headline Daily (P42) 2010-07-07
China Daily 2010-07-07 "Private clinics ok eHealth record sharing"


This is an invitation to you for your valuable feedbacks on eHR sharing in HK, for analysis purpose in the final phase of the Validation Platform project to generate more prospective from various parties by conducting this survey. It also serves as a questionnaire to focus on examining the readiness of healthcare professionals and organizations. We encourage one response per healthcare/IT professional at your workplace. Preliminary survey result will be announced in our e-newsletter in June. You are also invited to subscribe to our e-newsletter to keep posted on ehealth news and join us as an Individual Member to enjoy various benefits (see bottom of survey for details). Your personal data will be kept confidential.

Token of Appreciation

The first 500 respondents would have a choice for a $20 donation made to Hong Kong Red Cross by eHealth Consortium or receive a $20 Cash Voucher!


eHealth Consortium Limited (eHCL), an NGO, started building an electronic web-based platform (“the Validation Platform”) funded by the eHealth Record Office (eHR Office) and the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) in 2008, a pilot scheme aiming to validate the conformance of electronic health records established by various stakeholders to the Hong Kong Territory-wide eHR standards so that they could be shared in the future, and take steps towards further integration of eHealth development.


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Responses to this survey will be reported in aggregate data sets without personal indentifying information. In participating in this survey, the participant recognizes that the information provided on this survey will be used in an aggregate report and therefore grants eHCL unrestricted use of this information. To avoid abuse of this survey, eHCL reserves all rights to reject the issuance of token of appreciation to any respondents without providing any justification. Personal data will only be collected for the purpose of processing survey data, indentifying respondents and (if applicable) processing of mailing list and membership application. In general terms, the eHealth Consortium collects personal data for communication with its members and newsletter subscribers, such as dissemination of news and announcements of the eHealth Consortium's activities. Applicants/ Subscribers have the rights to request access to the personal data and to request correction of the personal data. If an applicant/newsletter subscriber requires access to and correction of the personal data, he/she shall submit a written request to the eHealth Consortium Ltd.